Limited Resource Medicine for Everyone

Lake Effect Consulting conducts training in all forms of limited resource medicine.  Our instructors have real world experience teaching across the globe in some of the most austere environment, from combat to civilian applications.

Cutting Edge Training in Austere Medicine

The medicine we teach is designed to take students from untrained status to actively leading and running scenes.  Our belief is that medicine should be available to anyone, and when seconds count, help is minutes away.  Our goal is to have our students, the ones on the front lines, be self-sufficient, to stabilize and support emergencies, and communicate and facilitate transport.

Training By Professionals

All of Lake Effect’s instructors have taught in the most austere environments.  Our instructors hail from all of the armed services, and all have civilian EMS experience, as well as numerous hours teaching skills to US citizens and foreign nationals.

We pride ourselves on pulling from a diverse cadre that has decades of experience in some of the worst places on the planet.